A weekly blog about the adventures of presenting wildlife TV Shows in Africa!

Now Airing in Romania, Spain, Hungary, Israel, Thailand and Portugal: https://kristinaguberman.wordpress.com/category/epic-safari/

           Now Airing in Dubai : https://kristinaguberman.wordpress.com/category/rhino-conservation/

Stay tuned for unbelievably close animal encounters (including close escapes!), bucket list experiences, conservation projects, reviews of safari lodges, behind the scenes shenanigans and most importantly – some fun!

Trailers available to view here.

About Me

I’m a London / Monaco based presenter, actress and model, travelling the world for different projects and at the same time satisfying my love for new experiences and exploration. I started modelling for kids clothing brands aged 8, and that slowly progressed into acting and commercials, which then opened doors into the presenting world. I’ve lived in 5 different countries and speak 4 languages fluently (English, Russian, French, Italian). I am always on the move and you will rarely find me in the same place for too long… and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

You can see visit my official website and see showreels here and you can contact me here.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Amazing girl, you have a very fresh and newest style to present the TV show. Now, thank you, is more interesting watching safari TV show. Just not bored, now are very funny and interesting.
    In addition you are so kind with yours Instagram followers.


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