Crossing the Finish Line

The last week of filming started off with me trying to herd 183 cattle…. On horseback. So, in other words: totally casual. After my last horse experience, where I was thrown off and then dragged into water, I was feeling a little nervous. Thankfully, this horse was a DREAM in comparison and after a short … More Crossing the Finish Line

Elephant Epicness, the Impala Incident and Murwi the Warrior

One of the things I love most about this project is just how much we are learning about anti-poaching: the team, the training, the risks involved and the experiences they’ve had whilst trying to achieve their (massive) goal. This week was ridiculously exciting, as we saw the arrival of the conservancy’s first anti-poaching dog. I … More Elephant Epicness, the Impala Incident and Murwi the Warrior

Just Bee Cool

I have always been terrified of bees. I think one little unpleasant experience as a child left me not wanting to be anywhere near a bee, ever. And the irony of the situation is that, actually, I’m secretly fascinated by them. So naturally, when the conservancy announced it was time to harvest honey from their … More Just Bee Cool

The Least Dead Warthog

What a weeeeeek!! It’s honestly during weeks like this that I cannot BELIEVE this is ACTUALLY MY JOB!! I have SO many highlights, but let’s start with some swimming. As in…. elephants and rhinos swimming…. at the perfect moment, right in-front of us, when we were walking with them… as if they were trying to … More The Least Dead Warthog

Horned Melons, Lightning Strikes and the Very Obese Croc

I can’t believe we are almost halfway through filming… CRAZY or WHAT?! Seriously mind-boggling. I knew from my last experience that time seems to be moving faster here in Africa… but this is a whole new level. One thing I will never get tired of is getting close to these spectacular individuals. Their eyes tell … More Horned Melons, Lightning Strikes and the Very Obese Croc

Making a Difference

This week started off with an amazing anti poaching training session with the conservancy’s best rangers and volunteers. We were taught how to aim at a target – still or moving, using a paintball gun. SO. MUCH. FUN! We were split up into 2 teams and… we were GOOD!! Apparently the best group they’ve ever … More Making a Difference

The Snake Saga

You may be wondering what the title of this blog refers to. It’s quite simple, really. It refers to a 4m long gigantic python the volunteers and managers had to capture and relocate from someone’s garden. Say WHHAAAATTTTT??? I kid you not. 4 meters long, vicious, angry, strong and about to eat the dogs on … More The Snake Saga

That’s A Wrap!

IT IS THEEEE ENNNNNDDDDDDDD. ZEEE EENNDDDDDD. LE END. FIN. *insert funeral music here* Before I get to the sad part about it all being over, let me tell you about some awesome things that happened during our last week of filming. We couldn’t have stayed in a better place… a villa with our own pool … More That’s A Wrap!