Just Bee Cool

I have always been terrified of bees. I think one little unpleasant experience as a child left me not wanting to be anywhere near a bee, ever. And the irony of the situation is that, actually, I’m secretly fascinated by them. So naturally, when the conservancy announced it was time to harvest honey from their numerous bee hives…. I did not rise to the occasion. I cowered in the corner until a wise Morgan Freeman style voice in my head said : ‘Quit being a baby and go put on that goddamn bee suit’. Thanks, Morgan Freeman.

Next thing I know, I am VOLUNTARILY stepping into a very non fashionable bee suit which made me look like a sci-fi parody. #goodstart.

The bee handlers, who by now laugh at the thought of getting stung, casually inform me that the hive we are about to harvest from is known to be especially violent, aggressive and will sting people through their nets and bee suits if they feel like it. OH DEAR LAWWWWWDDDDD!

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 08.21.07

Why am I here again??!!!

Every honey comb the handlers remove from the hive is virtually invisible because of the amount of bees on it. HUNDREDS at a time. They get brushed off as the honey comb is put into a bucket… and where do they go?? Around us. Of course. On our hands/ arms/ heads/ nets/ faces. FML. At this point I am thinking:

‘Just stand still.

Do not move.

I repeat : DO. NOT. MOVE.

You are a tree.


I really got into the whole tree thing. If I ever take up acting seriously, it may be my first Oscar worthy role.

Actually, my face says it all here:

I somehow get through it and am then rewarded with the purest, most organic, raw, amazing honey I have ever tasted. Sweet reward. #nopunintended

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 08.23.17

Am I still scared of bees? Less than before, but yes. Am I happy I did it? Yes. Would I do it again? Hell no. 

A less terrifying activity was meeting the 10 day old baby sable that we had been looking for all week! Yaaaay!!

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 07.53.10

As well as finding this super cool (and slightly grumpy looking) chameleon:

Photo 17-04-2018, 14 03 34

Or walking with Mack, my favourite giant friend:

Photo 29-04-2018, 12 26 35

This week the producer and I also went to a sound studio to do some voice overs/ narration for last year’s project, which should be out in 6-8 months.

Photo 24-04-2018, 09 55 06

I expected it to be a long day by the end of which I’d have a sore throat and no more voice, but 30 mins later… we were done!! So naturally, we felt the need to celebrate:

Photo 24-04-2018, 10 42 59


Another highlight for me this week was spending time with Stacey from the local village, who is the cutest kid I know. Always smiling, laughing, hugging and playing…. aaaaah Stacey, you perfect little thing:

Photo 17-04-2018, 20 24 48

And just in case you forgot…. here in Africa, we do have some pretty un-freakin-believable sunsets 🙂

Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 12.45.44 PM

Volunteer of the Week

Photo 26-04-2018, 18 35 07

Lindsay, from the UK, is helping out as a volunteer at the conservancy for a whole 8 weeks. That’s pretty damn cool, especially given the fact that Lindsay is a ball of energy and masses of fun. She is rarely quiet and sometimes even introduces herself as ‘noise’ (I can never keep a straight face when that happens). There is a running joke that by the end of her time here, all the animals will be speaking English. Lindsay cracks me up every day with her awesome sense of humour and is also the most competitive volunteer, always winning every challenge. She worked in a pharmaceuticals company until recently and wants to continue her career in the medical sector. And just because you asked… here are some Lindsay fun facts:

  • She loves horses and frequently rides in the UK.
  • Her favourite activities here have been elephant handling and community visits.
  • She once almost cut her tongue off in a blender (true story) (don’t ask how).
  • Lindsay’s favourite place in the world is South Africa and next on her bucket list is Iceland.
  • Lindsay has an extensive funky sock collection and my top 2 so far have been bright pink zebra socks and the very relevant rhino pattern ones.
  • She rocks at Cards Against Humanity.


Next Week: Filming the arrival of the conservancy’s first anti poaching dog, the aftermath of an impala’s death and breakfast with my elephant friends!

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