Lake Kariba- part 2. Fishing Frenzy.

Remember how last week I said it would be good to get some more lion action? Well… the day after I said it, it happened! We were on our way to the next location and came across a whole pride that were eating an impala they had killed a few hours earlier! It was right next to the water and it looked like the ambush had happened at around 5am. Crocs were also showing interest in the remains, but dem lions be greedy, so one even took away the poor impala’s horns and went to a safer place uphill:

Photo 12-09-2017, 13 50 48

All we need to see now is an actual kill! It’s very much a ‘right place right time’ scenario so fingers crossed. As if the day could get any better… we arrived at the camp where we were staying for a night, only to find an elephant right outside my stilted tent! And I mean RIGHT OUTSIDE!! The camera guys tiptoed in and filmed me as I had my closest encounter with a wild elephant to date. It sniffed me and then curiously approached me. Instincts told me to back off when its gigantic tusks were less a meter away, but I know what a violent elephant looks like and this was definitely not one of them. He lost interest after a few seconds and proceeded to eat the trees on the other side of my tent. AMAZING!!! I was supposed to say something about the experience to camera, but what can you say apart from OMGGGHFIKYIGTDYRTFRGIUKHHPILFYJG!!??

As you can see, these tents were semi open and I actually really enjoyed sleeping outside– because technically, that’s what it was! Must’ve slept deeply for once in my life (why I can’t do that when I’m surrounded by snorers is beyond me) because the only noise I heard was a few birds in the morning. Felt super refreshed as we started the day by walking onto a hippo and then having a Baywatch run contest with my guide (yes, he won *sigh*):

We also found this awesome croc skull and tooth before getting onto a houseboat, which was our location for the rest of the week.

Photo 10-09-2017, 08 49 51

Most people assume that ‘houseboat’ refers to one of those tiny Amsterdam-style things. In that case, this should be called a cruiser. Kinda like a yacht, except a different shape and more rustic:

Photo 11-09-2017, 14 50 07

We had 2 experienced fishermen with us so we took the opportunity and went out for a day to catch bream and tiger fish. Bream I was fine with and had already done last week so that was easy. Tiger, on the other hand, was a challenge.  The casting system is different, they are harder to find and catch, and when they do hook on, they PULL HARD and fight with all the energy they’ve got. You really have to work hard to reel them in. I def broke a sweat a few times. But the scariest part is their teeth! If they bite you, you will bleed for ages, so imagine my shock when I was asked to hold this guy and he JUMPS out of my hands and thrashes around all over my foot on the floor!

No one got bitten and thankfully the pros knew how to handle him, but that is fo sho the last time I ever hold a living tiger fish. Remember last week’s challenge where the boat that caught less fish had to cook dinner? Well this time, I was feeling rather confident and decided to take things a step further. I challenged the producer to catch more fish that me… and if he lost he’d have to wear my bikini top to dinner. He laughed and accepted.



Photo 11-09-2017, 19 36 24


No, but seriously- another cool thing about fishing here (look at me being so obsessed with flippin FISHING!!) is that you get wildlife coming right up to you on the shoreline to drink:

Photo 12-09-2017, 12 49 14

The last evening was especially eventful. We went out with the simple mission of getting some footage of fish eagles and did not only that, but also saw lions chasing after impala on the shore, saw hippos and ended up getting a whole concert of their calls to each other as it got darker, got footage of an incredible sunset, I split my knee open as the boat hit a tree stump underwater AND I caught the biggest fish out of anyone that whole week (a 4.5kg, 80cm long catfish that 2 guys had to help me reel in)! #memorable

And completely unrelated, here are some of my favourite behind the scenes shots from the past few weeks:

Next week: Getting close to giant buffalo and elephant herds on the shore, trekking with anti poachers, adventures deep in the dry wilderness  and moooore – stay tuned !

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